Introducing Maze Mirage!

We are excited to announce that our new game is now available for the Apple App Store.

Maze Mirage is a mind-bending 3D puzzle adventure game, inspired by Antichamber and Portal, that’ll make you wonder and wander through various unpredictable puzzles within a mysterious maze.

Discover a maze of your imagination constructed of five zones with different symbolised areas. Each can be accessed after striving past another challenge of your subconscious. Dreams are built from random impulses puzzled together, thus expect the unexpected.


Mind control

Interact with objects in the maze by swiping them along their paths. Move it out your way, use it to pave your way, or maybe you shouldn’t use it at all.


No control

Dare not wander in one direction before the other as things could change in a blink of an eye. You could be running round in circles before you know it, staring at yourself in the face, or watching everything disappear in front of you.